Booking rules

Information on booking of group trainings.


You can book group trainings 3 weeks in advance from the current time. This means that immediately after completion of a group training you may book the same training in 3 weeks. You may book up to 3 group trainings on the same day.


You can collect your ticket not earlier than 2 hours and not later than 10 minutes before the start of the training. Uncollected tickets are distributed to those on the waiting list 10 minutes before the training starts. The tickets are distributed according to the waiting list principle where the first person on the list receives the first available spot etc. Remember to register yourself on arrival in one of our booking stations if you are on the waiting list and want to participate in a group training. 


If the group training is fully booked you may register yourself on the waiting list. The waiting list is updated continuously and you will move up the list as soon as someone cancels a booking. We will send an email and/or push notification (if you have our app) to you if you receive a spot in one of the relevant group trainings.

Email: Please check that you have stated the correct email address on under ”My pages”/”My settings”.

Push notification: Enable push notifications on your telephone and receive a notification directly on the telephone when you receive a spot in a group training. Push notifications are sent up to 10 minutes before training starts. 

You can see your number on the waiting list on and in the SATS app. Under "My bookings" you can see your number on the waiting list with an orange symbol and a number. The app will tell you which number you have on the waiting list under the group training that you have booked.


You may cancel a group training no later than 2 hours before it starts. If you forget to cancel 3 group trainings within a month you will not be able to book group trainings for a period of 14 days. You may still participate in the group training by showing up at the fitness centre. Booking takes places through the booking station at the fitness centre on the day of the group training.

If you are on the waiting list and move up to receive a spot it will be considered a non-cancellation if you do not turn up for the group training regardless of how close to the start of training this takes place. It is important that you check in for the group training as soon as you arrive at the fitness centre, even if you are on the waiting list.

When the waiting list is reviewed only those who have registered their arrival for the training will receive a ticket. If you are still on the waiting list when any vacant spots have been filled but you have not turned up for the training this will not be regarded as non-cancellation.

If you are on the waiting list and you know that you will not be able to attend we recommend that you cancel the training no later than 2 hours before start of training to avoid being registered for a non-cancellation. You will be informed via email of any booking limitation. 

Contact in connection with booking and cancellation 
You may book/cancel group trainings via our app for iPhoneand Android, on or at the booking stations at your SATS centre. If you choose to make a cancellation in the app it is important that you only press the button ”Cancel” ONCE.

You may find more information on how to book a group training here.

Do you have questions regarding booking? Contact member service

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