Marian Lucian Surugiu

Marian Lucian Surugiu

"Motivation gets you up, habits get you on, routine keeps you going!"


More than 10 years hands-on experience in fitness, bodybuilding and personal training. I'm passionate about my work and eager to support my clients to accomplish their short and long term goals in a sustainable manner. Let's unleash your full potential and achieve together great things for your body and mind!


  • Licensed PT since 2011 with knowledge in indoor and outdoor sports


  • Licensed in physical therapy and post injury exercises

Key words: 

  • Building Muscle Training
  • Losing weight Training
  • Post injury recovery Training
  • Strenght and Body Coordination Training

Klient citater:

"Since I've started working out and having you as a personal trainer, I can actually see a major change to my body and I feel more confident and stronger."

"Before I met you,I couldn't feel like i was giving 100%.I used to feel only tired but now I feel full of energy and achieved way better results compared to time I was training by myself."

Spørgsmål til PT'en: 

What are your favorite exercises?
'I don't have a specific favorite exercise or exercises, when you love fitness and bodybuilding you get to love all exercises and routines, because you know that each one brings you closer to your goal.'

Favorite moment of being a PT?
'I helped a skinny client to gain 20+ kg in pure muscle mass within a year with a close monitoring of his life style and diet. That was one of my favorite moments of being a PT because I was feeding my happines with his results.'

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
'In my spare time I like to watch football and play football with my friends, I like a chill walk in nature to charge my batteries.I also enjoy cooking different recipes for my family and friends.'

What do you love about your profession?
'My profession is a special one where I get the chance to help people reaching their goals. I like to actually understand my clients lifestyle and help them with my expertise to get towards a success road where we can look back together and be proud of the obstacles we overcame together and the greatness they achieved. A PT is like a doctor , A doctor for mind , body and soul.'