Jenny Myllylä

Jenny Myllylä

"To go from good to great, you need two things. Hard work and most importantly FUN"


I might be small but I'm packed with Finnish attitude we call “sisu”. I have a background of 9 years in Aerobic Gymnastics in Finland but when I moved to Denmark in 2015 I started training at the gym and found my new passion in weightlifting. 


  • Gym Instructor & Personal Training, Trainer4you, Finland

Key words:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Toning your body

Klient citater:

"I didn’t think this could be fun"

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What is your favorite exercise?
'I love working my shoulders in general but I think my favourite is shoulder fly.'

What do you especially like about your job as a PT?
'You give and you get. When my way of training you and teaching new things will get you inspired and excited, that's the thrill for me.'

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
'In my spare time I go bouldering, train at the gym, play guitar or do canvas painting.'