David Farkas

David Farkas

Kontakt: david.farkas@sats.com

Hard work is overrated, consistency is key. I believe in doing the least amount of work that can elicit the most outcome. Proper exercise execution and programming great workouts are my forte, whether you want to build strength/muscle, lose fat, improve performance/mobility or just reach a desirable look, I am your trainer. Mindfulness is another key component of someone who wants to change their appearance and in modern era, muscle is your best insurance for a long and healthy lifestyle.


  • Certified Personal Trainer - International Sports and Science Association

Key Words:

  • Coaching
  • Weight Loss
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Strength/Muscle Building
  • Core, back, hip and glutes strengthening post injury

Klient Citater:

"It's incredible how in one hour I could learn more from you than the past 2 years"

"I never cared about proper warm-up before my workouts but it feels so good that I will do this as a warm-up every morning to get me ready for the day"

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What do you especially like about your job as a PT?
Helping people achieve their goals gives me a sense of purpose in life.'

It is cheat day, what is your food that you indulge on?
'Bacon and eggs in the morning and a tube of ice-cream later in the day 😊'

Favorite exercise?
Can't decide between Squat or Deadlift