Matteo Compiani

Matteo Compiani

"I want to help people set ambitious but realistic goals - and I want to make it fun reaching them."


Sprog: English, Spanish, Italian

I spent most of my life in sports, and I want to share my knowledge and experiences in order to make people feel the same joy about physical activity as I do. I want to help people set ambitious but realistic goals - and I want to make it fun reaching them. Seeing the progress that my clients make in both motivation and physical fitness, is what makes me love my job. My trainings are personal but for everyone. I am a very hard worker, and once I set my mind on something, I do not give up. It is also very important that people around me see me as someone they can trust. I enjoy meeting new people and building connections.

Coaching, personal training, rehabilitation and helping people achieve their training goals are my passions. Therefore, I studied my Bachelor’s in Sports Science and Physical Education. I went on to do an AS in Sports Medicine and now a Master’s in Kinesiology with special focus on Movement Science from San Francisco State University. I have played soccer all of my life, in Italy I played professionally as a youth player, and later when I lived in California, I was part of a very ambitious athletics culture. I played for my college team, while also coaching on the side. Additionally, I did athletic training for patients, while doing internships at a physical therapist’s studio. This means that I have knowledge about practically every stage of physical practice – the mindset, the execution and rehabilitation


  • BS Sport Sciences and Physical Education, 2017 Universita degli Studi di Parma (IT)
  • AS Sports Medicine, 2020 Foothill College (CA)
  • MSc Kinesiology, San Francisco State University (CA)


  • 2017 Lifeguard Assistant Patent, Federazione Italiana Nuoto (F.I.N.), Parma, (IT)
  • 2017 BLSD First Aid Certificate, ANSA Emilia-Romagna, Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy


  • Body-weight workout
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training focused on specific athletic disciplines
  • HIIT
  • Coaching and supporting


2021 has started with Denmark in lockdown. The harsh situation is ongoing, though with less draconian restrictions for a couple of weeks. I have suffered, like anyone else, quite a lot. My physical and mental health has been very volatile. I engaged in training with Matteo Compiani who is a fantastic personal trainer and supporter. I have engaged in even healthier dieting habits.” Roberta

I very much appreciated the sessions I had with you. You were really good at doing variations from each time, meaning that the training never felt repetitive. When we did group trainings, you were equally as good, and managed to attend to all of us, and do trainings where we interacted which made it more fun.” Christina

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What is your favorite part of being a PT?

'My favorite moment of being a PT is when I am able to see my clients achieve the goals they worked for for a long time, but also the small victories along the way that motivate them to go further. It could be doing an extra round during the AMRAPs or reducing their pace.'

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy playing football, reading, studying and watching Netflix.

What do you love about your profession?

About my profession, I love to meet, interact and connect with many different people every day. It is so uplifting being a part of someone's journey. I get to make positive changes in the lives of my clients and see their transformations over the weeks, months and years.