Dale Crossman

Dale Crossman

Kontakt: dale.crossman@sats.com

Due to my long term experience in Fitness and Aviation, I have gained the ability to understand fine detail and how small fragments of information can play a larger role. I have the ability to mix knowledge, visual, and practicality data to get the desired results. This is done through various assessments, and implementation. All this whilst understanding and respecting each person own physical and emotional limitations.

I have over 10 years of Health, lifestyle and fitness experience. As I am from west London, I spent a lot of time working in the well known area of Notting Hill Gate. Whilst there, I worked with celebs and high profile clients. This ranged from high end fashion designers, TV personalities, Musicians, Athletes and many more. As a lot of these clients were very strict with time and had deadlines. I have the ability to work effectively and efficiently. Maximising results in the desired time frame.


  • Level 3: Personal Training (Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition)

Key words:

  • Aesthetic and Body transformations
  • Body Composition and Data analyst
  • Functional and Innovation specialist (in over 60 different innovation equipment)
  • Core, Stability, Balance and Calisthenics

Klient citater:

"Just wanted to say thanks for everything. When I first started at the gym I had no idea what I was doing and was just looking for the basics of how to use the machine correctly and safely. But I got so much than I expected out of it. Just wanted you to know that after you put together that program for me almost 2 years ago, after more or less following it I was pleasantly surprised that it improved my posture and flexibility and even reduced my tension headaches – I had no idea the gym could do all that, and I thought you should know that you made a huge impact. Thanks again" – Maxim Sandler

"Dear David (Fitness Manger), I would like to share with you the amazing progress I have made working with Dale. I have been affected by a horrendous traumatic experience and it has a massive impact on my daily life, making my training more difficult. In the past I used to attend two classes a day, 6 days a week. Until almost 3 years ago, where sadly I began to suffer PTSD and I slowly had to come to realise I would never get my old life back. It was really frustrating and despite having the motivation, more and more symptoms, conditions and illnesses started to emerge, including not getting any sleep for over a year. While I experienced the countless effects of sleep deprivation, it meant even less energy, weight loss (53kg down to 43kg) and every time I managed to make it to the gym (once or twice a week), I would get ill. End of 2017 my weight finally stabilised (50-52kg), but my sleep was still a big problem. Beginning of this year I was introduced to a new doctor and in order to improve my sleep, I started a new treatment. It does work and I now have more energy to spare. But every good news comes with a price... in less than 28 days, I put on 10kg!! The doc said: “I gave you this to fight your depression and now you’re going to end up more depressed because of the side effects!” I was 59.1kg and it seriously drove me nuts. But I refused to stop the medicine as I could now attend the gym 3/4 times a week. Instead, in April 2018 I decided to start PT. Since I increased my strength, build resistance, and drop my weight down to 55.7! Dale is also someone who listens and brings me support. He understands and does not judge. He pushes me an inch further when I give up. He also got me to enjoy exercise again. If I could, I would train with him every day!" – Lydia Berkennou

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What are your favourite exercises?
'My favourite exercises will always be the most basic ones. I believe they are the foundation to most exercises done. They engage a large amount of muscle groups, strengthen the core, bring about stability, and personal awareness to posture.'

  • Press ups (Push)
  • Chin ups (Pull)
  • Squats (Compound)

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
'In my spare time, I create brands and organise events. I am also currently training to be a aviation pilot as flying is also one of my hobbies. I spend a lot of time reading and focusing on self development.'

What do you love about your profession?
'Being a PT is a rewarding job, you get to see people become a better version of themselves. This is not just physical, but also mental. It is inspiring to be in a environment which is filled with so much growth. Everyday you get to meet someone new, and with each new person you meet, carries a amazing story. To be part of that story is a blessing within itself.'