Anett Csipke

Anett Csipke

"Less is sometimes more. I believe that the foundation of a continuous and sustainable workout regime needs to be built on individual characteristics and needs. The key - as a first step - is to focus on personal weaknesses".


I have spent 25 years in dance sports as a competitor and instructor. Furthermore, I have a diploma as a sports instructor and a yoga instructor. Since I finished my personal trainer education in 2017, I have been working as a personal trainer as well as teaching classes in yoga, pilates etc.


  • Personal Trainer (Fitness Institute)
  • Personal Trainer (6 month - other institution)


  • TRX
  • Pilates
  • Yoga (India)
  • Physiotherapy (as part of the PT education)

Key words:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Better stamina and fitness
  • Core and mobility training
  • Rehabilitation (after injury, surgery or pregnancy)
  • Aesthetics (body shaping)

Klient citater:

"Creative, colourful exercises, cozy atmosphere".

"Improved freedom of movement and motivating, empathic and cheerful personality".

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What is your favorite exercise?
'Plank variations'

Favorite moment of being a PT?
'A grateful hug from a satisfied client.'

What do you especially like about your job as a PT?
' I like helping people to achieve their goals.'

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