Maria Belen Ponce

Personlig træner
SATS KBH - Fisketorvet
Level: 2
I fought back diabetes type-2, hypothyroidism and PCOS 8 month after being diagnosed, by finding my passion for the fitness industry and working on a healthier lifestyle. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to habits and training, we'll focus on you. A smart workout, having fun and daring to become the best version of yourself are three things, that for me are essential in the process.

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Empowerment. Self-awareness. Resilience. Balance. Mental & Physical Health
Get stronger and nail the technique with a smart workout
Healthy habits for a healthier mind and body fitted to your daily life and personal goals
Træning til gravide
Pre, during & Post-natal training to stay healthy and strong choosing the right exercises for you
Olympiske løft
Snatch and Clean&Jerk Technique and drills
Improve your mobility. Strengthen your muscles and bones. Get a better lifestyle.
Weight Loss. Muscle Building. Functional Training


Powerlifting. Always trying to get better and stronger. Bench press, Deadlift, Squat.
I started Weight Lifting in 2021. Analyzing and perfectioning the technique of Snatch and Clean&Jerk
Funktionel træning
Crossfit & Functional Training applied to sports and daily life

Uddannelse og kurser

Certified Personal Trainer
Træner Akademiet, Denmark
Nutrition Coach
Træner Akademiet, Denmark
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
CHEK Institute, USA
Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2
Eleiko Group, Denmark
The Big 3. Powerlifting Course.
Træner Akademiet
"Weightlifting course. Snatch. Clean & Jerk"
Voodoo Weightlifting USA. National Coach Edward Baker
International Personal Trainer
International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB), Argentina
Certified Personal Trainer
CREAR Sport School, Argentina
Functional Training Instructor
Montego Club, Argentina
Indoor Cycling Instructor
ProBike, Argentina
Body Pump & Cx Worx Instructor
Les Mills, Argentina


Aslak50 år
I was overweight. She laid out a plan for weight loss, motivated me with my diet and training. Looking in the mirror was hard, now I feel proud.
Heidi54 år
I needed to get a stronger body and back. I can see and feel that my body and back is in a much better condition. I love her guidance and patience.